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The trend is here: succulents that will survive our cold harsh winters without turning a hair; these lovely and robust plants will thrive in drought stricken places where other perennials wither away; snow? 

No problem! 

Harsh windy climates? 

So what! 

On the other hand, we also carry beautiful tender succulents such as the Echeverias, Crassulas, Haworthias, and Kalanchoes, which love to be outside from late spring to fall, and then continue to bring enjoyment when you bring them inside for the winter!

Succulents add flare to your everyday floral arrangements

Lava Rocks are a creative and unique way to display Succulents!

***Winter Shipping*** 

Our priority is to get your order to your door in excellent condition, meaning that in the winter we need to ship it faster and in insulated packaging. In turn, the price of shipping in the winter is higher.

Painted Succulents 

Painted Echeveria are back.

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Now Selling Succulent and Cactus Soil Online! 

If you are one of those gardeners that have looked longingly at lush gardens and patios full of gorgeous mixed planters full of succulents, no need to be envious any more.

Sempervivum (the hens and chickens plant), Sedum (stonecrops) and other hardy succulents will knock your socks off; not only because they're so beautiful, but because they will survive in really challenging situations, and come back every year, even after a winter that seems so long that you doubt spring will ever arrive. 

But there they are, peeking out through the snow; you would swear they actually grow while they're hidden from view.

Other uses for succulent plants are as wedding favors - it's true!  You can choose from tender succulents or hardy sempervivum.   

They are compact, cute and totally doable, even for non-crafty types.  You too can create an artistic and lovely little wedding favor for each guest. 


Now selling Air Plants online!

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Buying plants online doesn't have to be scary.  This is one of the best ways to get plants in large quantities, that will take off and grow in Canada's challenging climate.  Be the first in your area to discover the treat in store; hardy, reliable, tough plants with extreme attitude, and beauty.

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