Caring for your plants

Summer Care 

Succulents are growing in the summer months, so you will need water them more often, we recommend watering them weekly, making sure that they dry out completely in between. Succulents need to be kept in a bright space, with lots of even light to avoid stretching.( if your looking for low light succulents, you can find them here) Succulents also love to be outside during the summer. you can fertilize your succulents once every two months with a 2-7-7 fertilizer like Schultz Cactus Plant Food

Winter Care 

Succulents become semi dormant in the winter months so watering becomes minimal, once a month will be sufficient, fertilizer stops completely. Keep in a bright window. if your succulents have been outside all summer then bring them in when the temperature hits 5 degrees celsius. 


when planting succulents, you should use a well draining soil with perlite,peat moss,humic acids and horticultural lime. We recommend Lambert cati and succulent soil. 

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