Butterfly Garden Kit

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Buy your butterfly garden kit now – just think, by June and July of next season once the plants are established and growing, their blooms will start attracting butterflies to your garden, and as they’re perennial, they are the gift that keeps on giving – every year, the plants will get bigger and produce even more flowers for the butterflies to flock to.

Butterflies love Sedum

Your Butterfly Garden Kit will include:

Five different lower growing Sedum varieties that are proven to attract butterflies – these are chosen from the Sedum for Groundcovers and Green Roof Sedum collections.

Five different Sedum for Borders or other taller stonecrops; these are spectabile or telephium species and sometimes others, depending on what I have available, suited for growing in amongst some other favorite butterfly garden plants.

Each type will have several plugs so you can plant these butterfly attracting plants in drifts – the more flowers in a group, the more butterflies you will see drinking the nectar.

These butterfly garden plants are in the form of 1" plugs, so they’re big enough to plant right now and get established. If I don’t have the plugs ready, the plants for your butterfly garden kit will be good sized field clumps.

Your butterfly garden wouldn’t be complete without some fast growing shrubs as well, as these provide the caterpillars (the young form of the butterfly) food.

If you want the butterflies to be back again and again, this part of the life cycle is crucial.

Willows, birches and other shrubs depending on the type of butterfly, and Asclepias tuberosa in the case of the Monarch butterfly will add a whole new dimension to your butterfly garden.

See the 10 Best Perennials for Butterflies for my recommendations of what to plant.

Also important is that you aren’t too hasty to clean up your garden in the fall; the chrysalises of the metamorphosing butterflies are hard to see, and it’s easy to accidentally destroy them. Have a wildlife area where you can put all the debris from the garden, allowing the pupa to hatch out in peace when it’s time.

Buy your butterfly garden kit and help these wonderful flying flowers find your garden for hours of delight.

For $29.95, you can start your butterfly garden with the Butterfly Garden Kit:

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