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Canadian Succulents and Cacti

Buy your hardy cacti pads and Sedum, Sempervivum and Jovibarba plugs, bare root and unrooted cuttings.  Now also available - lovely tender succulent plant collections too.

The hardy succulents, the Sedum and Sempervivum and cold hard cacti are all hardy to a minimum of Zone 4, many are hardier still. 

These are all Canadian grown plants; they are all tough, reliable and versatile plants. 

Use them for rockeries, planting in containers mixed with other plants requiring similar care, or for crafts like topiaries and frames. 

Sedum has long been used for green roof plantings around the globe - there is a good reason for that.

With more homeowners learning about xeriscaping, the plants to use are getting more well known; cacti, hardy succulents like Sempervivum hens and chicks, Jovibarba, their similar cousin, and the varied and reliable Sedum stonecrop; they withstand drought, cold and neglect - perfect for busy Canadians...

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Tender Succulent Plant Collections

You've seen these before; the textures and colors of tender succulents are all the fashion now; for very good reason.  If you're fascinated and mesmerized by these, look no further;

Jovibarba species - rollers that will delight and amaze...
Miniature Succulents - perfect hardy Sempervivum and Sedum for small containers...

Jovibarba species

Miniature Hardy
Succulents Collection

Sempervivum Large Collection - big and bold varieties and species

Large Collection

Sempervivum Medium Collection; mid sized and well behaved hens and chicks

Medium Collection

SempervivumSmall Collection; diminutive and sweet, miniature hens and chicks

Small Collection

Sempervivum Plugs - book now for your Wedding or for craft building...


Sempervivum Random Collection - our choice of great varieties from a wide selection

Sempervivum Random Collection

* Collections not exactly as shown

In the US?

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