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Crassula is a huge genus of hundreds of species and many more hybrids and cultivars. Crassula is made up of basically two groups: the shrubby group, which includes “Jade Plants” and the other group includes smaller types and miniatures.

Crassulas prefer very well drained soil, and should be watered thoroughly and then allowed to dry between waterings.

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Many species of Crassulas have a unique way of growing with their leaves stacked upon each other and with the stem running up the middle of them. It is a great potted plant, filling small spaces with a number of colourful, tall geometric shapes.

Some varieties start trailing out of the pot, draping over the edges, hanging down, and then back up towards the sun again. Some of these trailing varieties do flower and they should be cut back after flowering.

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There are many more varieties of Jade than the green Jade. There are Mini Jades with compact leaves; ‘Hobbit’, ‘Horntree’ or “Pipe Organ” Jade with elongated, tube-like leaves. There are also red-edged varieties ‘Sunset’ Jade, variegated leaves ‘Tri-Colour’ Jade and various green and silvery green varieties with bold shapes i.e. ‘Falcata’ ‘Cephalophore’ or Arbororescens “Blue Hale”, just to name a few

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