Haworthia Collection

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Textured and fun, Haworthia and their related kin, Aloe and Gasteria add presence and vertical accents...

Haworthia, Adromischus, Gasteria, Aloe are all somewhat grouped together in the Haworthia collection. They prefer indirect sun as they will burn if exposed to full sun.

Aloe varigata is one of the prettiest of all the genus...

They make a great houseplant, especially on a window sill as they are not fast-growing and can stay in a smaller pot for a long period of time. The leaves can be hard, soft, long, short, stacked, grass-like, and in a full range of colors with lines, flecks, bumps, bands, hairs, and spines.

Haworthia Collection: $37.50 – 10 plants

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