Jovibarba Co-op

Buy your Rollers online in bulk

Buy your Jovibarba in bulk with the Jovibarba Co-op;  order your Jovibarba for crafts and in funky rustic containers, rock gardens or crevice gardens.

These hardy relatives of Sempervivum add a different texture to your garden, as they produce their little chicks up on top, instead of under their skirts.

Jovibarba propagules are produced on top of the mother hen

Most of the species in the co-op will be from the sobolifera group, with small rollers, or chicks, and pointed foliage in shades of apple and mint green.

These are all seed grown, so show many different characteristics from their parents.

These interesting plants are extremely hardy, even more than some of the Sempervivum.

They originate high on mountain tops in Europe, and are renowned for their ability to withstand cold temperatures and heavy snow.

Well known to collectors and rock garden enthusiasts, I've often thought that these plants deserve to be more widely planted. That's why I started growing these from seed, to be able to offer a cheaper alternative to some of the clones that are offered.

With this Jovibarba co-op you'll receive whatever amount you specify as propagules, or the chicks. They can be shipped in a paper bag, and will be ready to root and grow when you get them in the mail; order yours here:

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