Jovibarba Seeds

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These are another easy to grow plant - the problem has always been to find stock of them - they're rare - or sometimes, people don't even know what they have.

Jovibarba heuffelii - one of the tough ones...

Each year, the seeds are collected as the flower stalks ripen, but before they open and spread their seeds around on the ground.  The stalks are stored upside down in a paper lunch bag to keep the seeds from being lost - they gradually open and drop out into the bag. 

These are a mix of different species, so there is no guarantee that you'll get what you expect, but they'll all be gorgeous - be prepared to give them adequate time to show their true beauty - most don't look much different from each other for at least three years.

There seems to be divided opinion as to how best to store them while this happens; generally, they don't seem to care about the temperature, although it should be above freezing, and dry.  High humidity can cause mold if they are wet when first put into the bag.

You'll receive the seeds in a glassine envelope; seed them when you get them using the winter sow method - preferably under some snow to give them a bit of time to stratify, and they'll germinate at the right time in the spring.

Sunshine mix #4, or any other very well drained mix to prevent damping off or rotting is essential.

As germinating seeds may take a while (like several months) to get to any size, the risk is that lungwort or algae which tends to grow on the surface will smother the tiny seedlings. Sprinkle a tiny bit of turkey grit over the seeds to prevent this, and also to add some drainage.

Jovibarba flowers waiting for the bees to visit...

In the spring time, the tiny seedlings will start to develop.

As they get bigger, they'll start to take on their characteristics; all different, all lovely.  I have so much respect for plants that can intermingle their genetic material to produce so many great new hybrids.

You may never get rich and famous by coming up with the newest and greatest hybrid, but you will get a sense of satisfaction like no other.

Buy your Jovibarba seeds now; please note; these are shipped on a first come, first served basis, and will do better with a cold winter stratification period. 

If not using the winter sow method, put the dampened seeds in a bag with some peat moss into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator for a couple of weeks to give them that stratification. 

The price of the seeds is $8.00 per package, and shipping is calculated automatically.  If you wish to purchase more than one package, contact me for a better shipping rate.

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