Jovibarba species Collection

Rollers to add to your hardy succulents plantings

The Jovibarba species collection of these interesting plants includes hybrids between Jovibarba allionii, sobolifera, arenaria and others. They are also known as 'rollers' for their neat trick of producing their chicks on thin brittle stems held above their foliage.

Maternal? Oh, yeah, until the babies can stand on their own, then out they go!

The little propagules are easily dislodged to roll away and form their own little colony.

These fascinating little hardy succulents can form an extensive ground cover for rockeries and xeric gardens, rapidly creating a textural colony to prevent soil erosion, provide color and interest, and best of all, don't require watering!

I have a lot of respect for these toughest little plants; although they are diminutive and sweet, they can survive the most challenging of conditions you can imagine all the while producing their little 'chicks'. 

Like all hardy succulents, they are happiest in well drained soil, even if it's only a tiny amount; hypertufa pinch pots are some of the most effective planters for these plants.  As they originated high in mountain crags and crevices, it's not a surprise that they prefer these kinds of conditions.

The price of the Jovibarba species collection is $25.00 for 10 unique plants, plus shipping.

This item currently not available.  Please check back Spring 2014

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