Sedum for Green Roof Plugs

Reliable, Tested and Trialed Species and Varieties

Green Roofs are one way we can mitigate the effect our activities have on the environment.

Sedum has been long acknowledged as one of the very best plants for this use, due to its ability to store moisture from rainfall events, resulting in less run off to the overburdened storm drains in cities, and also alleviating the 'heat island' effect.

Cooling and heating costs can be lower, making for a more comfortable working or living environment, as well as more economical.

Not only that, but they're so fun too!

Buy your Sedum for Green Roofs Plugs and get started on saving the environment, one green roof at a time. These are chosen from a wide selection of lovely, low growing, reliable plants all tested to make sure they will perform well in harsh conditions.

Some of the best types are Sedum kamtschaticum, Sedum album, Sedum spurium varieties and many more. 

Let me choose which ones are the best for this use, or contact me if you have specific varieties and species in mind.  The more you buy, the better the deal:


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