Sedum for Groundcovers Plugs

Sturdy, reliable and iron tough ground cover plants

Buying plugs of many xeric plants is a great way to get lots of bang for your buck; Sedum for groundcovers plugs are no exception.

Attract butterflies to your sunny border with Sedum

These Sedum for groundcovers are low growing creeping varieties and species, generally less than 3-4" tall (8-10cm)and can withstand considerable abuse; you can't walk on these, but they are great for planting around trees (providing the soil is well drained and they get at least a few hours of direct sunlight every day) or in rockeries and beds.

For xeriscaping, these are the primo choice of drought tolerant plants, with an added bonus; they are irresistible to many butterflies; we all like having them around, so choose plants that will magnetically attract them to add life and color to the sunny border.

These are usually shipped in the flats of 72 cell plug trays that I use to propagate them, or depending on your project, they'll be removed from the plug trays for shipment. These are often custom propagated, so please allow 4-6 weeks when planning your planting schedule.

Minimum order is half a flat per variety of the ground covers, or allow me to choose a mixture of these beautiful garden plants that will knock your socks off:

Species & Varieties

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