Sempervivum Co-op

Order your bulk Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks are the best kept secret - they're colourful, textured and hardy, and guaranteed to please. 

If you have a yearning to increase your collection in a hurry, the Sempervivum Co-op is the way to do it!

If your garden club gets together to purchase a large quantity of plants every year, or you want to plant your own hypertufa pots, you're planning a wedding and want to knock your guests socks off, order your hens and chicks now for the best selection.

These are chosen from all sizes of plants, from mother hens with clustering chicks, to single orphans of all different species and cultivars; variety is the spice of life.

Some of the gorgeous Sempervivum that you will get with your order...

This is an economically priced random assortment of sizes and shapes, so it's not suited for wedding succulents - please see the Buy Plants Online page for collections more suitable for wedding favors and centerpieces.

Your collection will be chosen from a large supply of many different forms, colors and sizes.

Sorry, our choice only, and the collection may contain duplicate varieties, forms or species.

The plants for this co-op are also dried out considerably for shipment; that's why they are so reasonably priced - the drier they are, the lighter, and the less they cost to ship.

This is an extremely rewarding way to buy a large selection of great plants for your wreath making workshops, hypertufa plantings or other crafts group.

The varieties and species that you will receive from this co-op are taken from the collection of Jack Broxholme, of Cavendish Perennials.

Make a Sempervivum Sphere...

Jack has kindly offered his extensive collection of around 400 different kinds - Jack will be retiring soon, and has already scaled down the sales of his collection and is only selling to his local market - until now.

Get in on this great opportunity to obtain some of his rare, beautiful and uncommon types - sorry, our choice only. 

Depending on the geographic area, you will either receive your order straight from Jacks nursery (eastern Canada) or those in the western provinces will be supplied by Succulents Canada.  Either way, these are all derived originally from Jacks collection.

...or plant them in a Hypertufa pot

The plants will be shipped on a first come, first served basis - your payment of the Paypal invoice you receive shortly after booking your plants will hold your place in the shipment schedule.

Make sure that you whitelist emails from Paypal so the invoice doesn't get sent to the trash folder.

I reserve the right to cancel orders that remain unpaid so as to free up inventory to those customers waiting in line.

If you don't hear back from me regarding your order, it's quite likely that you have put the wrong email address in the form below - please double check that it's correct, as I have no way of tracking you down.

If you're not sure if you have booked your plants correctly, or want to change the quantity, shipping address or anything else please contact me.

Order your bulk Sempervivum Hens and Chicks here!

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