Sempervivum Large Collection

Big, Beautiful, Bossy Hens and Chicks

This Sempervivum large collection consists of a selection of some larger sized Sempervivum.

The lovely and reliable Large Sempervivum varieties like Tederheid are superb examples...

We’ll send you a choice of different varieties with several rosettes each choosing from my favorite large sized varieties and species for $35.00 plus shipping – they are shipped bare root to prevent any chance of rotting in transit.

We’ll select from some of the nicest Sempervivum large varieties available at time of ordering.  Please let us know if you would like them labelled (if available).

Some will be unnamed varieties that have proven their worth for many years in harsh conditions of drought and neglect - but  have lost their tags.  I'm sure you will appreciate these lovely large scale plants in sunny borders and beds.

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