Sempervivum Plugs

Hens and Chicks for Succulent Wedding Favors

We often get asked for a perennial succulent choice of plants for succulent wedding favours, for crafts, or just to get lots of variety for planting in the garden - we recommend Sempervivum plugs.

The beauty of these little guys is that they're small, yet colourful and textural, tiny enough to make a really cute little wedding favor for your guests to take home, and they will come back year after year if they are planted outside.

We always have some trays on hand, so in many cases they can be shipped whenever you need them; however, as these are so popular, don't hesitate to book them early, to give us enough time to make more for your special date.

These are grown and shipped in the plug trays which hold 72 plugs.

For wedding favors, simply cut the plastic cells apart with regular kitchen scissors, and then put the cell and plant in your decorative pot, top with gravel or sand.  You can also plant them up in another little pot - if you need to purchase soil specific for succulents and cacti, contact us and we will send you the details.

Cute little wedding favors are one of the best ways to use these plugs

Delicate china teacups? Rustic peat pots with raffia bows? Glass tea lights?
The choices are infinite...

Make sure you point your guests to this page for detailed instructions on how to grow Sempervivum.

The price is extremely easy on the wallet; $3.49 for each plant, a minimum of half a flat please. Shipping to your area (in Canada only) is extra.

An example of the Sempervivum plugs with their lush textures and colors

Textures, colors and variation; so many, all different

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