Sempervivum Seeds

Grow your own hybrid Hens and Chicks

Ever since I found out almost by accident how much fun these great hardy succulents are to grow from seed, I've been collecting the seed pods ever since.

Inspecting the flowers closely, it's astonishing how beautiful they are

Now every year, I go around and cut the long blooming stalks, place them in a big pot to allow the bees to visit and cross pollinate them, and then collect the pods when they're ripened.  I keep them in brown paper lunch bags so that the seeds will fall into the bottom of the bag as the pods open, and then they're screened to remove chaff and debris.

Packaged into glassine envelopes as the orders come in, these seeds are best sown in the winter sow method; using a plastic milk jug to protect them from rodent damage and the elements, and put the whole thing into a snowbank if you have one. 

I use sterilized soil mix, usually Sunshine mix #4, or any other very well drained mix. As germinating seeds may take a while (like several months) to get to any size, the risk is that lungwort or algae which tends to grow on the surface will smother the tiny seedlings.

Sempervivum flowers waiting for the bees to visit

I use a small amount of turkey grit to prevent this, and if moss growth occurs, sprinkle dolomite lime which alters the pH from acid (which moss likes) to alkaline (which Sempervivum likes).

In the spring time, the tiny seedlings will start to develop.

As they get bigger, they'll start to take on their characteristics; all different, all lovely.  I have so much respect for plants that can intermingle their genetic material to produce so many great new hybrids.

You may never get rich and famous by coming up with the newest and greatest hybrid, but you will get a sense of satisfaction like no other.

Buy your Sempervivum seeds now; please note; these are shipped on a first come, first served basis, and will do better with a cold winter stratification period.  If not using the winter sow method, put the dampened seeds in a bag with some peat moss into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator for a couple of weeks to give them that stratification.

The price of the seeds is $8.00 per package, and shipping is calculated automatically.  If you wish to purchase more than one package, contact me for a better shipping rate.

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