Sempervivum Small Collection

Miniature and Tiny Hens and Chicks

Choose the Sempervivum small collection and add some of the most delightful tiny cobweb species and other gems like the Lilliputian montanum and hybrids to your gardens and planters.

Sempervivum arachnoideum, the Cobweb hens and chicks

There is something so appealing about these little guys; they quickly form a very tightly compact carpet; imagine them draping over rocks and filling the gaps between pavers, on topiary forms and in rock gardens and planted in hypertufa, the more you see them, the more new and innovative ideas you'll get for using them.

We ship 10 different varieties with several rosettes each choosing from these varieties and species for $35.00 plus shipping: We reserve the right to send any other varieties or species in our collection that are small, beautiful and healthy.

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