Sempervivum Summer Special

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This is the Sempervivum Summer Special, where you'll find the best deal on beautiful hens and chicks plants.

With an abundance of moisture, and warm temperatures, the growth of these incredibly varied hardy succulents is amazing - where better to send them but to a gardener who knows the toughness and ease of growth of these great plants?

The Sempervivum Summer Special is a fleeting event...

These plants are supplied by Jack Broxholme of Cavendish Perennials as he prepares for retirement - he's got lots of gorgeous plants to pass along to you from his extensive collection.

If you’re not already a big fan, you will be soon. You will be astonished at the varied colours and textures of these plants.

Buy the Sempervivum Summer Special and get 10 lovely specimens of houseleeks for your Canadian garden. Price is $35.00 for ten delightful varieties, our choice - the more you buy, the better the price.

This collection is perfect for succulent crafts like mosaics or topiaries or to display in pots and planters.

Some people are reporting great success using them for succulent wedding favors - the best part? You can take them home and plant them in your garden for a lasting memento of the big day. Please be aware that they take some time to prepare - see more about that here: Sempervivum Wedding Flowers. If you're thinking of a succulent wedding, order Sempervivum plugs here.

Unlike tender succulents such as Echeveria, they're hardy to Zone 3 on the Canadian Plant Hardiness map.

Why am I doing this? I just want you to enjoy these beautiful plants while they are showing their fantastic summer colouring and watermarks.

This offer ends soon – you’ll have to pay the regular price, so act now and order yours. Sorry, our choice of varieties only – don’t worry; all the plants in your order will be absolutely gorgeous! Please note: your order will not be exactly as shown; it will be nicer! Shipping is not included in this price and will be added at the checkout:

Check back with us Summer of 2014!

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